AMAN Boutique Villas

🌿Surounded by the majestic jungle, this property has 6 exclusive residences coexisting sustainably and connected with nature.🐿

Finding a balance between the wild and the luxury of the residential architecture of 11 beautiful villas that blend in with the local fauna of Tulum. In AMÁN, you will find the best finishes that together with the architecture form a unique concept in Tulúm. 

The clash of the walls in Chukum, the contrast of the raw woods of Parota, the intense reds of Tzalam and the wide spaces create a harmonious home ready to enjoy Caribbean life. 

Delivery commitment from 8 to 12 months after the signing of the purchase-sale contract. 📄✍️

Starting at $286.900 ᴜsᴅ 🏷

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